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Types of Strippers



Before you go out to a strip club or order some stripper services, you should know what kind of stripper that you want. That is, in Las Vegas, there are many types of stripper services that you can get. Some of them will include VIP strippers while others will just be the typical day to day strippers. The major types of strippers available in Las Vegas include the veteran, desperate girl, freak and the friendly girl. The veteran is usually the older one and the more famous one. She can make sure that she gets money from the customers since she is amongst one of the best lap dancers. Most of the younger strippers will most likely look up to her for guidance on how to be good at their work.


The desperate girl from free stuff for girls, on the other hand, is the type of a stripper who will go around asking for drinks and dances. She is mostly at a younger age, and she does not have that much experience. The lack of experience makes her be amongst the worst lap dancers available. They are daring since she can pull you into the dancing booth even without your consent. The freak is the most daring of all. She will be amongst the strippers with the best lap dances and will allow you to do extras. With this kind of a girl, you will have a fantastic night.


The friendly girl makes sure that you have one of the best chats for the time you are around. When you frequent the strip club, she will hug you since she knows her customers. She will rarely be giving lap dances, and she is not out for your money. Such a girl will be a long life friend since that is all that she is after. However, you might find that some are a mixture of all the types stated above. That is, she might be a veteran and a freak or even a freak and a friendly girl. No matter the type of a stripper she is, you will be guaranteed that after conducting an evaluation of whom you want, you will be able to have a lovely time. If you want to learn more about strippers, you can visit


There are a variety of services from strippers for hire that you can do with strippers, some of these include renting them for your party services. In such a case, you will host them in your event and pay the organization a certain amount of money. There are the VIP Strippers on the other hand who are only available to those with larger amounts of money. They are the high-end type, and they give excellent services.